Staying yourself

Course II: Staying yourself


Broaden your horizon in a unique way.

During this Course I, Staying you, you will build supporting walls. You will learn how to deepen and combine the separate methods, you’ve learned in Course I.

You can only sign up for Course II after you have completed Course I (Becoming yourself).

To be able to stay yourself, it is necessary to have a closer look at yourself. You might know the saying: ‘The devil is in the detail. That is so very true. For this reason, more information of you needs to come into the light. You will face the uncomfortable facts of your personal life. 


– Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance
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“By taking even a closer view at myself, with the support of Nathanja’s coaching and energetic abalities, I know what to do and not to do. I love this stuff.”

“I have been depressed for so long. Nothing helped, up untill this point: Nathanja really coached me to those hidden spots in myself, where I hadn’t looked yet. This liberation helps me to be a happier person generally. Thank you!”

Everybody needs a coach. You better take a good one. I did!
As a manager of a large company, I have no burnout anymore, and I feel great.
I wish I had bumped into this, much earlier. However, better, late than never. ”


9 Skype lessons of 90 minutes in small groups.
Both Dutch and English.

Fee Course II:
€ 795,00 including VAT for one or € 300,00 for three monthly payments.

€ 795,00 excluding VAT for corporate clients or businesses.

See you shortly in the Course II!

Let’s keep on fine tuning.