Staying yourself

Course II: Staying yourself


Broaden your horizon in a unique way.

During this Course I, staying you, you will build supporting walls. You will learn how to deepen and combine the separate methods, you’ve learned in Course I.

You can only sign up for Course II after you have completed Course I (Becoming yourself).

To be able to stay yourself, it is necessary to have a closer look at yourself. You might know the saying: ‘The devil is in the detail. That is so very true. For this reason, more information of you needs to come into the light. You will face the uncomfortable facts of your personal life. Therefore, soul searching will be used a lot during this second course.


 Spiritual Initiations and fusions
– ‘Ankhalogy®’ – key to synchronicity
– ‘LightSteps®’ – key to clarity – free e-book

Unique harmony treatments:

Your Ankhrons® –  soul chakra’s –  will get balanced.
I received this unique, energetic way of balancing to support your process.
‘Ankhrons®’ are similar to chakras: ‘chakras’ serve your personality, whereas ‘Ankhrons®’ serve your soul, your (higher) self, your (higher) destiny. These treatments uniquely bring balance.



9 Skype lessons of 90 minutes in small groups.

Fee Course II:
€ 795,00 including VAT for one or € 300,00 for three monthly payments.

€ 795,00 excluding VAT for corporate clients or businesses.

See you shortly in the Course II!

Keep on fine tuning. Let’s do it.