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I have done a lot of work on myself. Why should I attend this Course?

After the integration of Head & Heart, the Body and the Soul, another Journey will start. That will make all the difference. Even though you will bump into same issues, you will see and feel after a while, that you will spiral, grow out of the issues, instead of going round in circles.

Where will I be after Course I?

Course I stands for Becoming YourSelf. Since you will receive spiritual energies and practical tools to work with, this process is where the main focus will be. You have received all needed for starting to Become YourSelf. This is an ongoing process. So we advise to keep on doing the homework even after the Course.

There is the possibility to attend Course II for ‘Staying YourSelf’and Course III for ‘Being YourSelf’.

How can I attend the Skype sessions when I live in a different time zone?

You get access to a separate part of the website where you can log on and watch the replay whenever you want.

We will send you a link to the replay which will be up to 7 days to have a look at.

What happens when I get ill?

Please contact us when such situation arrives.

Can I pay in monthly payments, since I can not pay this all at once?

Yes, you can.The fee for Course I is € 497,00. You can pay a monthly payment of three times €187,00.

I signed up for another course elsewhere. Is it wise to do both courses at the same time?

I recommend that during the Course itself, it is easier to feel and understand what happens to you by attending the classes when you only follow this Course. If you follow more courses in the same time frame, it is more difficult to discern the effects.

I am already transformed. What would be the benefits of attending your course(s)?

At ‘Fully in Tune’, you work from the inside out and from the outside in. Since both earthly and spiritual energies are combined, you get a new outcome and understanding of what it means to become – stay – be yourself. Many people preceded you! (See Success Stories)

What is a 'Tuning coach'?

A ‘Tuning coach’ is a coach who guides you to your personal harmony. You will learn how to find YOUR answers by receiving diverse spiritual energies and very practical tools. You learn how to live in harmony within yourself, by getting fully in tune. Thereby you will experience harmony in the outside world as well.

Why do you do this work?

I’ve had difficulties on every level of my life and with both regular and alternative healing methods, I still was in trouble, visible and invisible; noticeable and unnoticeable. After not committing suicide at the age of 16 – a voice told me not to do so – my search for true healing began.

Before I became a teenager, I have known three things:

Something really severe was going to happen to me: I was almost kicked to death.
I was going to get my soul back: I did in 2013.
I was going to be a teacher: I am one since 2012.
Loads of experiences helped me out and I have been helping out hundreds of people successfully. You get a shortcut of all that I have been going through. Take advantage of it.

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