Core Values


The Core Values help individuals and organizations to behave as respectful human beings.



The starting point is complete acceptance of your inner self and of others. To do so, you stay open and connected to the other and yourself. Loving can also imply strong reactions and emotions. You get what you need. That might not be what you want.


You are in contact with that side you usually keep away from people and even from yourself. Sincerely expressing your feelings and thoughts can bring freedom. You can see yourself as you are; human! This is an area for turning points.


It is the curiosity where new grounds can be inspected and experienced. New confidence. You go beyond your known limits. It evokes Life in you. You explore this in a careful way, so you will be able to experience new horizons in your life.


You observe and integrates all there is. You understand what the world is showing you. There is no ‘coincidence’ even when there is. (The law of attraction). You trust that whatever happens in your life, is to help you with experiencing it on a higher level. This way, you will be supportive and helpful, whilst it also brings joy. It brings life into perspective.


To be open means that you can stay with whatever happens in all kind of encounters and situations. You put an effort in understanding the other person and yourself. This way there will be less change of domination and subservience, what will lead to harmony.


It will help you to live your life in a way that the mutual goal is of higher importance. The selfishness will diminish, and you will follow the path of the heart. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same phenomenon. You can do this with a feeling of inner balance.