Being yourself

Course III: Being yourself

You will see clearly beyond clairvoyance.

During this Course III, your house will get its roof. You will learn to go beyond yourself. Once again, this program consists of spiritual energy and practical tools.

You only can sign up for this course, after completion of Course I, (Becoming yourself) and Course II (Staying yourself). 

In order to be yourself, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of who you are. The source within you always is there. Above all, you want to be in touch with this valuable part of you all the time. You want to be your spiritual mentor for the rest of your life. I know that. You want to join me in the process and set yourself free.


– New spiritual initiations and fusions, other than you have received during Course I en II
– An integration of how to use Ankhalogy® – key to synchronicity
– A completion of LightSteps® – key to clarity
– All that you have learned during Courses I, II and III, will be integrated into your system: at the same time, you will be yourself again.

Unique fine tune teaching:

The ‘Lima teaching®’key to possibility – will be taught.
Nathanja all received this during the many soul whisper sessions in her practice.
During this teaching, your core possibilities are going will be revealed.

This unique, spiritual and practical education will support you for the rest of your life, no matter how hard or easy your life will be. You can not avoid pain, disappointment, sadness and so on. However, with this great coaching, you will be able to handle life in a strong, flexible and harmoniously way!


9 Skype lessons of 90 minutes in small groups.

Fee Course III:
€ 936,54 including VAT for one or € 359,00 for three monthly payments.

€ 936,54 excluding VAT for corporate clients or businesses.

See you shortly in the Course III!

Be fit, be fully in tune.

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