Becoming yourself

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  Becoming yourself

Get the necessary grip on your life with this efficient & balanced program. 

“I lay a new foundation for the rest of my personal and work life.”  (Shirley)

Do you have problems, such as anxiety, depression, vague feelings of unhappiness, not having the energy you would like and more of these nasty feelings? Are you still walking around with an inferiority complex? Do you feel unhappy in general? Is something bothering you? Is there something else nagging you? It is always is the right time for Course I, Becoming yourself.

You can sign up for this course, no matter where you are at, right now.

When you want to become yourself, it is necessary to start looking at yourself differently. Sooner or later, your issues will keep you away from a harmonious life. Therefore, you’ll learn in this course to get in tune. Both head (thinking) and heart(feeling, intuition) will get the necessary attention.

Let’s turn the page together. By participating, you give yourself the opportunity to start anew.


  • You’ll get a positive vibe
  • ‘Ankhalogy®’- key to synchronicity
  • ‘LightSteps® ‘ – key to clarity – free e-book
  • First aid card – practical reminder

What you get:

  • 7 Skype classes of 90 minutes in small groups
  • Homework
  • Practical tools to work with right away.
  • Spiritual energy: just receive it

Fee Course I:
€ 497,00 including VAT for one or € 190,00 for three monthly payments.

€ 497,00 excluding VAT for corporate clients or businesses.

Package deal Course I, II and III: From € 2.228,54 to € 1.895,=.
Reduction: € 333,54

See you shortly in the Course I! Starting a new course each month.

After course I, you can proceed to the next phase:
Course II ‘Staying yourself’.

P.S. Some recommendations of participants of Course I:

To find out if ‘Course I’ is right for you, please leave your data so you will be able to download the free e-book, named LightSteps®. By reading it, you get a taste of what this is all about. If you have felt ‘something’ has been missing in your life all along, it is very likely that YOU are the missing link.

Let’s find out.

What are you waiting for?

Ready for harmony?