Ankhalogy® - key to synchronicity

Key to synchronicity

Synchronicity = At the same time

During all the courses you will work with ‘Synchronicity’.
First, you get an introduction to this teaching.
Henceforth, you’ll apply it to your life.
Let’s convert your brain. 😉

Key to synchronicity

You can use this synchronicity key as much as you like. It helps you to develop a different look at life and a view from various angles.
The more you use it, the deeper you will remember that life is very relative, even when you don’t feel it is.

Let’s broaden up your horizon and play with it.

‘Synchronicity’ is the key building block in all three courses, creating synchronicity awareness. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.
It’s the key to new realms. You can experience life in so many ways. Find out what the universe is showing you. Let’s become aware of it.

Nathanja received the request to start ‘Synchronicity’ in the pyramids of Cheops in Egypt, (September 2011).
The revival of this century-old teaching,  took some exercise to make it practical again. Nevertheless, enough information has returned,
to be able to teach this to you now.

Welcome to the world of ‘Synchronicity’!