Act-ual Leadership

Leadership through dialogue.

Fully in Tune’s ‘Act-ual Leadership program’:

Are you the key to your daily consciousness? If so, than ‘Act-ual Leadership’ definitely is something for you.

What you do everyday, matters more than what you do sometimes.  


We are running empty on the one-sidedness of what happened within organisations. There are lots of coaching programs and lots of coaches. They mostly work either (too) systematically or (too) energetically. Since we have a lot of experience in both ways, we combine both in our program. This way you’ll have experiences beyond the existing programs. Let’s touch the real core, so your leadership intelligence will improve. The structure will change deeply enough to experience long-lasting changes within organisations. Change both in head and heart is necessary to achieve this. We will teach you to come to your intrinsic value and lead from there.

So tune in on our unique program.


Our starting point which is necessary for structural improvement:

There is you, me AND and us. We guide you to Act-ual Leadership and impact. This way you’ll go beyond duality, which is necessary.



Our unique leadership program:

  • Presence investigation:
    Fine-tuned investigation of what we hear, feel and see.
  • Mirror leadership training:
    Fine-tuned investigation of what we see. (mirror image)
  • Hands-on investigation = exercises.
    Fine-tuned investigation with lots of input from you AND us.
  • Self-enhancing support
    Fine-tuned energetic uploads.

For more support:


It’s the fine-tuning that makes the difference.
In other words:
It’s all in the detail.
So let’s tune into those details and face our devil.


Nathanja van den Berg & partner